Real Wedding Story-Heidi & Josh

Heidi and Josh are planning a beautiful backyard ceremony July 2023 with pampas grass, rose gold, greenery and magnolias.

1.How did you meet?

I met Josh on Tinder. We met June of 2015 he was genuine, caring and cute. Although, he thought I was only in it for a free meal. LOL Here we are 7 1/2 years, one mortgage, one mobile coffee shop and a beautifully blended family later.

2.Special Love song?

Ed Sherrens song "Thinking out Loud" reminds me of us because I can not imagine growing old with anyone else. I have found the one who my soul loves. Sometimes it is not always easy or happy but our souls love each other in a way I have never experienced until Josh.

3.The wedding look?

I bought a beautiful mermaid dress with a side train from Misshow I took it in to get it tailored and I received so many compliments. I am so excited to pick it up next week.

4.Favorite moment of the wedding day?

I know my favorite part of the wedding will be when I can say my vows I have written to him. It is like I can finally profess my love from a mountain top.

5.Your advice for other couples?

I would tell brides to focus on you and your husband and try not to stress out plan simple and enjoy the party and people. Tomorrow is never promised.

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